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"It's so easy to use the service, I didn't need to do anything!"
Bidebay Customer Barry P, Bideford

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How it Works and Fees

Another sold item being packaged

Follow our 4 simple steps to clear out the clutter, with our easy-to-use service.

1. You deliver/or we collect

You deliver your item to our Bideford town centre shop. Or if you cannot deliver we can collect from you if you are within 5 miles of our shop for 10 items or more - just call us! We store your item securely in our shop - items are displayed in the shop as well as being listed on the appropriate online auctions service, so your item receives a double opportunity to be seen. We are fully insured so your item is stored and insured and in safe hands.

2. You set a minimum sales price

We set this as the starting price for your item to ensure it doesn't under perform. This should take into account our commission, to ensure you get a fair price.

3. You leave the item with us

You leave the item for us to photograph and list on the selected online auction service. We pay the listing and final selling price fees. We also pay all package and postage costs.

4. You get paid

We make the payment by cheque or direct into your bank account or in cash. Money is available on 15th of the month following your sale.

Items like this sell as shop display pieces

And, if your item doesn't sell

If you don't sell, we will relist for 3 weeks. If it still doesn't sell - we let you know the item is unsaleable and you must remove your item within 14 days, or we reserve the right to dispose of the item as we see fit.

Our Fees

There are no upfront fees, you don't pay anything to have the item photographed and listed. When your item sells, you receive 50% of the final selling price as soon as cleared funds are available. We take 50% - this will cover our administration costs, all listing and selling price fees. We also pay all packaging and postage costs.